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Choosing the Right Gym

Ever wondered what the differences really are between different gyms and how can one charge £10 per month and another upwards of £60?

We aren't going to look at some obvious, indisputable differences, (Do you get free towel service?, Is there a fancy restaurant attached to the gym? Does the changing room look better than your living room?  Is it in a very posh area?)

Instead we are going to look at fundamentals.

Now I am definitely not claiming B-Active Fitness Centre have ticked the boxes for all the items below, I merely want to give you some food for thought so you can make the right decision for your needs and desires and you can find the right gym for you.

Does Exercise makes you Happy?

The positive effects exercise has on conditions such as anxiety and depression have been studied since the 1980s. The euphoria that follows acute exercise, known as 'runner's high', was discovered by Kenneth Cooper of the Cooper Institute, who cited the case of a man 'who was so despondent, he wanted to die. Because his heart was weak, he thought the best way to commit suicide without embarrassing his family was to run around the block as fast as he could until he killed himself. After several futile attempts at causing a fatal heart attack, he discovered that he began to feel better and eventually chose to live instead.'



Gym Membership Cards

From as little as £15 per month