Vertical Traction

Vertical Traction

A variation of a lat pulldown exercise without using a bar and no cables but a fixed machine. Stimulating a downward pulling motion that trains latissimus dorsi, biceps (short head), teres major, pectoralis major (lower and outside), triceps (long head), teres minor, rhomboids, brachioradialis, biceps (long head), deltoid (front and rear)


MAXIMUM COMFORT. The two arms have an independent action for increased coordination and muscle activation. The plane of movement is slightly in front of your shoulders to provide a comfortable path of motion and decrease shoulder impingement.

PROPER POSTURE The outward facing seated position makes entry and exit easy. The back pad helps encourage correct posture and movement.

ERGONOMIC BIOSEAT Seat and backrest are anatomically shaped to support exercise and movement throughout workout.
SMART PINS to gradually increase the weight load integrated into the top of the weight stack which allows you to select an additional plate that is half the weight of those in thein the rest of the stack



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