Recline Bike

Recline Bike

The recline bike is well suited for every individual, specifically if mobility is limited and that extra comfort is needed. The recline bike offers users moderate cardio which is well suited for overweight people or rehab from injuries. The Glutes,Quads. Hamstrings, Calves, Tibialis Anterior and the Abs are all worked.


EASE OF ACCESS The support bars at the sides of the display are to support you easily getting up or sitting down, and the 50cm gap you walkthrough inbetween the display and seat make this machine easily accessible to any individual.
ADAPTABLE BACKREST comprises of 4 fixed positions for optimal support. Suitable for everyone no matter your size or build. Flexible and simple to manoeuvre using the visual yellow lever.
EASILY ADJUSTABLE PEDAL STRAPS Extremely easy to slide your feet into the wide pedals and quickly secure them with simple, adjustable straps



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