Sunbed Tanning

It is important to prevent UV over exposure and to protect the health of your skin whilst tanning.

The tanning guidelines provided will ensure you achieve optimum colour results as well as safeguarding against over-exposure.
•    Ensure that you moisturise your skin with a gel or cream that has been specificallydeveloped for indoor tanning. It's important to use moisturiser before and after a session, as moisturisers reduce the drying effects of UV exposure when tanning and will help maintain your tan for longer without peeling.
•    It takes 48 hours for skin to create melanin and to tan. Industry and medical standards advise waiting 48 hours to pass before tanning again, whether it be indoors or outdoors.
When tanning naked, ensure that you protect sensitive areas of the body that normally are not exposed backs of legs, buttocks and genitalia can suffer severe sunburn from the same light intensity that only tans the rest of your body. You can expose the sensitive areas gradually by covering them halfway through tanning sessions for the first three or four times you tan naked. It is a good idea to protect your lips with a lip balm that blocks UV light; lips cannot produce melanin, so they are at risk from overexposure during a tanning session.

If you are sunburned, soothe your skin with a moisturiser, and don't try to tan again until the redness completely subsides.


£1 Per Sunbed Session -  No Booking necessary


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