Skill Mill

Skill Mill

The Skillmill is the first product allowing everyday athletes to improve their Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility, and enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way. Skill mill offers a huge variety of workout routines to train all the body’s energy systems and turn individuals into peak performers.


SMARTPHONE GUIDANCE Scan skill mills QR code and you can access virtual training programmes with your phone. Customise your training programmes at home and download them using the my wellness app.
MULTI DRIVE TECHNOLOGY experience the resistance from Skill mill, resistance varies from zero to maximum switch between resistance free running or all out sled push by just moving the lever.
NON-MOTORISED TRAINING it operates however you want to operate the skill mill. Moving to the front of the deck makes you go faster, move to the back to go slower. Walk, run or sprint its up to you no motor your own pace.
DUAL HANDLEBAR the dual handlebar design is ideal for high and low pushes due to its correct positioning, ideal for different heights and body sizes



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