Pectoral Machine

Pectoral Machine

The Pectoral machine trains the pectoral muscles and makes strength training a simple and enjoyable. This machine will work the Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor and the Serratus Anterior.


BALANCED STRENGTH IMPROVEMENT The anterior deltoid movement is minimised due to the decline movement of the activation of the pectoral muscles, resulting in more strength exercise for the pecs.
INDEPENDENT ARM MOVEMENTS Leads to more balanced strength improvement.
PHYSIOCAM This feature allows variable resistance to be delivered to accommodate the specific strength curve of the muscle group being trained. As a result, you’ll perceive consistent resistance throughout the entire exercise.
ERGONOMIC BIOSEAT Seat and backrest are anatomically shaped to support exercise and movement throughout workout.
SMART PINS to gradually increase the weight load integrated into the top of the weight stack which allows you to select an additional plate that is half the weight of those in thein the rest of the stack



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