Row Machine

Row Machine

The row machine has two hand grips to enhance muscle movements and independent arms. This can include alternating motions in both arms as well. The central handle also works for unilateral exercises and footplates to aid the exercise. The lats, biceps, trapezius and posterior deltoid muscles are all engaged with this machine.


PURE GRIP new handgrip design helps to distribute the load more evenly which makes pushing and pulling motions more comfortable and effective. The markings are etched in to show correct positioning, and the surface is designed as a grained feel to eliminate the sliding of the hands throughout workout.

HANDLES AND FOOTPLATES maximum stability and comfort is achieved through the positioning of a central handle bar and footplates while performing unilateral exercises.

BODYPRINT SUPPORT special high-density foam is used in all padding to enable the seat and backrest to anatomically shape to the body providing support and stabilisation throughout exercise.



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