B-Active Gym and another Lockdown

B-Active Gym and another Lockdown

Unfortunately, we are, once again faced with lockdown but rest assured, we will be waiting to welcome you back again with the same friendliness and excitement as before. The next review of local tier restrictions will take place on the 13th January 2021, following another review of the tier system. If you have any concerns, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Listed below are some frequently asked questions

What will happen to my Gym Membership?

Your membership will be frozen until we re-open.

What will happen to the unused portion of my membership subscription?

Your unusued portion of membership will be made available to you upon re-opening (or a period of time will be credited to your account Eg. if you have a yearly membership, the unused portion will be added to the end of your subscription.).

Will you keep on taking payments during lockdown?

No, no payments will be taken during lockdown. When payments resume, notifications will be sent out via email and text. Please make sure we have your current email address and mobile number. Also ensure [email protected] is on your safe sender's list.

Do I need to do anything?

No, we will do everything. Allowing us to control your membership ensures a seamless and carefree return to the gym.

PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL YOUR DIRECT DEBIT as this creates a great deal of confusion and problems when attempting to access or re-join the gym as your membership will automatically be cancelled (and you may be liable to pay a joining fee, higher rates for membership and there is the possibility that we will not be accepting any new members).

I have cancelled my direct debit already, what can I do to make sure I don't end up paying a joining fee/higher monthly subscription fee?

You can try to reset up the direct debit through your banking app or by calling your bank (sometimes not a great idea as you can be put on hold for ages!), alternatively, please email [email protected] and we will sort it out. This can only be done at least 10 working days BEFORE the gym re-opens as it creates extra administration and as all staff will be under a furlough scheme or similar, this results in a great deal of additional work for one admin to attempt to complete!

Also, if you have used the gym at all, you are obviously liable to pay for it.

What is going to happen if we continually have to go into lockdown?

Who would possibly imagine that a new page would have to be added to the web site because of the liklihood of multiple lockdowns? But here we are. Your membership will always be frozen and we will always adhere to governement guidelines and laws.

We are going to be adding digital fitness at a very nominal fee to tide members through these "drought" times. This will help to keep members exercising and to keep in touch with a sense of the good old community spirit we enjoy in the gym. More information to be made available soon.

How do I cancel my membership during lockdown?

Please cancel your direct debit. We will receive notification from BACS that you have done this and will then cancel your membership subscription.
Please Note: You will be liable to pay any joining/admin fees and any price increase in membership fees, should you wish to re-join. There is also the possibility that we will be at our maximum membership and not be accepting new members.



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